Curry Up! How to Make Katsu Curry Rice at Home

If you have ever wanted to try eating katsu curry, but could never find a restaurant that served it and didn’t live near Japan, you’re in luck! Using only the ingredients you can find at any grocery store, you can make this delicious dish right in your own kitchen. Let’s take a closer look at how to make katsu curry rice at home!

Ingredients & Substitutions

-Japanese curry roux powder

-chicken breast, skinless and cut into cubes (optional)

-onion, thinly sliced

-potato, peeled and thinly sliced

-rice (preferably Japanese rice)

-water or chicken broth

-milk or soy milk

-dried shrimp flakes (optional) *The dried shrimp flakes give the dish a richer flavor. If you do not have any on hand, then you can leave them out. The dish will still taste delicious without them.

Cooking Tools

Below is a list of cooking tools that you will need: a heavy-bottomed pot, spatula or spoon, frying pan with cover, knife, cutting board, measuring spoons, and cups. Cut the chicken into thin strips (if using). Cut the onions into thin rounds. Peel and cut the potatoes into small cubes. Peel and thinly slice garlic cloves. In a heavy-bottomed pot, add oil and cook the onions over medium heat until they start to brown. Add in garlic for about 30 seconds more before adding in chicken pieces and potatoes. Cook for about 15 minutes or until cooked through before adding in curry roux (mix together flour with water) and boiling water while stirring constantly to avoid lumps forming.

Tips & Tricks

1. The first step is to cut up your meat into bite-sized pieces and then season it with salt and pepper.

2. Next, in a pan, heat up some oil and fry the meat on both sides until they’re browned (1-2 minutes per side).

3. Add the onions and fry for a few more minutes.

4. Pour in the tomatoes, beef stock, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and bouillon cube

5. Add the potatoes 6. Bring it all to a boil 7. Turn down the heat 8. Cover with a lid 9.


1. Thicken the sauce by adding a roux made of flour and butter.

2. Add in your favorite vegetables, meat, or seafood so you can customize your curry just how you want it.

3. Layer rice in the bottom of the pot and pour curry on top so that everything gets evenly cooked and coated with sauce.

4. Stir well before serving, then season to taste with salt, pepper, and soy sauce


Katsu curry is a hearty dish that has become a staple of Japanese cuisine. It’s typically made with pork cutlets, coated in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried before being doused in a rich, slightly sweet, and spicy curry sauce. Once the meat is cooked through and the sauce has thickened, onions are added for texture and flavor. The sauce itself is made from a roux-based blend of flour, butter or margarine, curry powder, sugar, and salt with water or milk. To create authentic katsu curry rice: start by cooking your rice in boiling water.

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