Air-Fried Fish in Foil

How to Make Air-Fried Fish in Foil

If you’re looking for a tasty and easy way to prepare fish, then look no further than this Air-Fried Fish in Foil recipe! This simple method of using an Air-fryer to cook your fish in foil requires minimal ingredients and prep time but yields amazing results. Not only will your fish be cooked to perfection, but it will also be infused with a delicious blend of soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and chili that will take your taste buds on a flavourful journey. So if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to enjoy your fish, this is the recipe for you!

Preheat your air fryer.

Before starting your air fryer fish recipe, make sure that you preheat your air fryer. You should set the temperature to 350°F and let it heat up for about 5 minutes before adding any ingredients. This ensures that your fish in the air fryer cooks evenly and is cooked through. If you’re using a frozen fish fillet, you may need to increase the time to about 10 minutes. For some fish recipes such as fish sticks in the air fryer or air fryer fish and chips, preheating will help to create a crunchy exterior. Once the air fryer is heated, you can start adding your ingredients and cook your dish.

Mix the marinade ingredients in a ziplock bag.

flavorful and delicious dish

For a flavorful and delicious dish, it’s important to mix the right marinade ingredients in a ziplock bag. You can use any of your favorite marinade combinations to coat your fish in the air fryer. Common ingredients include


soy sauce.

ginger, and chili powder.

If you’re looking for an Asian flavor, you can add some sesame oil to the mix. For a Mediterranean-style marinade, try adding some oregano, basil, and lemon juice. Once the ingredients are in the bag, add the fish fillets and massage them so that the marinade coats all sides of the fish. This will ensure that every bite is flavorful and cooked evenly. Now you’re ready to place the marinated fish in the air fryer.

Add the fish fillets to the bag and massage it so that the marinade coats the fish.

When using an air fryer to make a fish dish, you want to ensure that the marinade coats the fish as much as possible. To do this, start by adding your chosen fish fillets into a ziplock bag. You can use any type of fish fillet including

cod, tilapia.

haddock, or even fish sticks.

Once in the bag, massage the marinade into the fish until it is completely coated. This will help to ensure that the flavors of the marinade are absorbed into the fish while it is cooking in the air fryer. Make sure that all sides of the fish are covered in the marinade before proceeding to the next step in your recipe.

Air-Fried Fish in Foil

Place a sheet of foil in the air fryer basket and spray it with cooking oil.

Air-frying is a great way to make a delicious meal with minimal mess and effort. To get started, place a sheet of foil in the air fryer basket and spray it with cooking oil. This will help prevent sticking, allowing you to easily remove the cooked fish from the basket. Depending on the type of fish you are cooking, you may also want to add seasonings or marinades to your foil to add flavor to the dish. Popular air fryer recipes include air fryer fish sticks, air fryer frozen fish fillets, air fryer cod fish, air fryer fish tacos, air fryer frozen fish sticks, air fryer fish and chips, frozen fish sticks in the air fryer, fried fish in the air fryer, and air fryer fried fish. Try out different recipes to find the perfect flavor for your family!

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Place the marinated fish fillets on the foil.

Once the marinade is fully mixed and your fish fillets are ready, it’s time to place them in the air fryer. Start by laying a sheet of foil in the air fryer basket and spraying it with cooking oil. This will help ensure that the fish does not stick to the foil and that it gets cooked evenly. Once the foil is sprayed, add the marinated fish fillets on top. If you are using frozen fish fillets, make sure that they are defrosted first. After you’ve placed the fillets, simply close the air fryer lid and let it do its work. Depending on the size of your fillets, you may have to adjust the cooking time but generally, 10 minutes should be enough for a light and flaky fish. Try experimenting with different marinades, or even adding some herbs or spices for added flavor! Air-frying fish can also be used to make delicious fish tacos, fish and chips, or even fried fish sandwiches. Enjoy!

Cook for 10 minutes, or until the fish is cooked through.

Once your marinated fish fillets are in the air fryer basket, set the temperature to 400°F and the timer for 10 minutes. The fish is done when it flakes easily with a fork or it reaches an internal temperature of 145°F. You can also check that the fish is cooked through by inserting a knife into the center; if the juices run clear, then the fish is ready to be served. To get an even crispier finish, you can sprinkle some oil on top of the fillets before they go into the air fryer. This will give them a lovely golden color and make them extra crunchy. Whether you’re making air fryer fish sticks, cod fish, tacos, or chips, you’ll find that these frozen fish fillets cook in no time at all in the air fryer. Air frying is one of the healthiest ways to cook fish and is a great alternative to deep-frying or pan-frying.

Remove from the air fryer and serve.

Once your fish is cooked through, carefully remove the foil packet from the air fryer and serve your delicious air-fried fish. If you want to add a side, try some air fryer fish tacos, air fryer fish and chips or air fryer froze fish sticks. Whatever you choose, the key is to get creative with your marinades and seasonings. Be sure to use high-quality fish such as cod, or you can use frozen fish fillets or fish sticks in the air fryer too. With a little bit of creativity, you can make a great dish of air-fried fried fish in no time! Enjoy!